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Very much a work in progress, and still littered with links to my old LiveJournal. Alternately, you can use the fan fiction tag to hunt down all the stuff I've written.

Be warned that some of these stories never made it out of this journal because they never got finished.

Some of my work can also be found on my account at

Danny Phantom

The Gift - Christmas was supposed to be the only time he could ever catch a break. Then Vlad had to go and give him a stupid Christmas gift.

Dragon Quest VIII

The Underpants Dance - The tap devil knew the Underpants Dance - and it wasn't afraid to use it.

Final Fantasy VII

Slipstream - A world where Zack survived. Memories that say he didn't. Zack has no idea who or what he can trust when a slipstream becomes a riptide.

Dear Kunsel: Reprise - Kunsel wasn't there to bail him out of this one. It was time to say goodbye. (Alternate ending to Dear Kunsel, by Sinnatious.)

Gundam 00

A Loyal Partner - A loyal partner, huh? We could all use one of those. - Haro may have been captured, but he was the partner of a Gundam Meister. Billy and Graham were about to learn exactly what that meant.

Jak and Daxter

A Matter of Time - When Jak first landed in Haven City, Erol wasn't the one to find him. Now he must face a future he is ill prepared for, and even with help from Sig and Damas, there's no guarantee that he'll survive.

A Matter of Different Paths - This is a collection of oneshot scenes based on A Matter of Time. Ideas I didn't follow through on, alternate ways a scene could have gone, things that just didn't fit with how I wanted the story to go, etc. None of these things ever happened - but they still might make a good story.

Angry - Torn's ability as a tactician didn't necessarily extend to women. (Kink-meme response.)

Thunderstorm - With the Krimzon Guard seemingly out for both their heads, Jak's idea of babysitting the kid was hiding in a ditch.

Monster - Phoenix could work with him for now, but he could already tell that someday that wouldn't be the case. (Writing sample submitted for a Phoenix roleplay application.)

Mirror - As the dark eco experiments begin to take effect, Jak's empty cell isn't empty anymore.

Rage - Veger didn't get away.

Terrors of the Wastes - Jak and Daxter made a really good team.

End Game - An "alternate unlockable ending" for Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. IT'S TRUE, I SWEAR! (Only... not. :3;)

Reset - Sometimes all it takes is an off-course machine to change the course of time. Jak never made it to the future of his birth. Instead Damas came to the past. (Probably forever unfinished.)

Exile Storm - The day Phoenix was exiled from Aeropa, things didn't happen as planned. The Sky Pirates attacked before his sentence could be carried out - but instead of being captured and ultimately becoming one of them, he escaped to the mainland instead. (Probably forever unfinished.)

A Method to His Madness - "I'm just a tool, dear captain! I'm hardly the person you should blame." Just a short kink meme response. Slash.

Once More, Dear Friends - Not a regular fan fic here. This one is based off of Jak and Daxter as well as my time roleplaying Phoenix in the game MS Elegante. "Somehow Phoenix found his way home - but no one else remembered." (Forever unfinished.)

Kingdom Hearts

Key To My Heart - Just a sweet little Kingdom Hearts drabble.

Mega Man Cartoon

Beloved By All - Sometimes it's good to be a Mary Sue. Other times, though... Well, you'll see. (Parody)

End Program - When Protoman feels that his position with Wily is being threatened, he decides it's time to kill Megaman once and for all. But as a robot with free will - and perhaps a hidden agenda - will he really go through with it?

Illegal Operation - Protoman is on his own now, but before he can live his own life, he must first become self-sufficient. That isn't as easy as you might think. (Sequel to End Program.)


A Window of Glass - Dr. Hikari touched the glass and wondered. Had it been right to save his life?

Defusion - It was supposed to be a simple experiment. Nothing was supposed to go wrong. Unfortunately, it did, and now Enzan, Netto, Rockman, and Blues are finding out first hand what happens when a dimensional area shatters. (Forever unfinished.)

Wish Upon a Star - Rockman wants Netto to go to bed. Netto would rather stay up and make a perfect wish. In the end, they both get what they want.

Rockman classic/Rockman X

Ghosts of the Past - A dream. A memory. An attack. X doesn't have any idea what he's gotten himself into. Sometimes you can't escape the past. (Forever unfinished.)

One Mistake - History would never forget the day that X and Zero met.

Warmth - Blues has never told Kalinka when his birthday is, but she isn't about to let that stop her from giving him a gift.

Rockman X/Harry Potter

Paradise Lost - Lumine should have died, but through some apparent cosmic coincidence, he ended up in a place that is his worst nightmare: a place where technology as he knows it does not exist. Can he handle the existence of magic? Can the magical world handle the existence of him?

Not if he can help it.

(Note: Paradise Lost is not finished and may never be finished. It's also a round robin, which means I am not the only author.)

A Maverick Christmas Carol - In the spirit of Christmas, Vile takes harassing X to an entirely different level. (Gift fic for Prism.)

Rockman/Kingdom Hearts

Under Rock and Key - Heartless and robots. Neither of them have hearts. And yet, while searching for the keyhole in Rockman's world, Sora has his doubts.

Tales of Symphonia

Crosswind - Taking on Kvar should not have been like this. It shouldn't have gone so wrong. Now Kratos is in a race against time with Lloyd's very life on the line. (Probably forever unfinished.)

Firewood - He wasn't like Lloyd, and Lloyd wasn't like him. Kratos's son was stupid if he thought that was anything but a joke.

Non-fandom specific

Empty Promises - Not quite a drabble, but close enough. Defeating a succubus isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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